Sheep Improvement Ltd (SIL) Bureau

New Zealand’s Beef + Lamb Genetics runs SIL (BLG). SIL is our national sheep database with extremely powerful processing capabilities. Lambing and trait records from many years (if available) as well as genomic information in some cases are included in each of SIL’s highly sophisticated genetic analyses. The resulting Indexes and Breeding Values are powerful tools which allow ram breeders and their clients to select animals with the best genes for the traits that are most relevant to their breeding operation.

We are a Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL) Bureau (licensed operator). SIL is in the process of being upgraded to a new system, nProve.

BF lamb — Genetic Gains in Wanaka, New Zealand

SIL/nProve indexes are flexible. They consist of whichever traits are of most importance to each individual breeder and their ram clients. These traits may include, but are not limited to, some combination of Reproduction, Survival, Lamb Growth, Adult size, Meat Yield and Wool. Each of these traits can be expressed in cents. They are a function of the estimated net profit, after all the costs of production are accounted for, of a ram’s progeny compared to the progeny of other rams. In a maternal flock this benefit is cumulative over time, just like compound interest in the bank.

SIL/nProve is a tool for sheep breeders and their ram clients – an essential tool for breeders wishing to take the sheep industry into the future with confidence. But it is only a tool – good stockmanship is also paramount.

The Genetic Trends Graphs below show the rapid rate of genetic gain being achieved by an average flock using breeding values and indexes generated by SIL/nProve.

What can we do for you?

We are committed to making the animal recording process as efficient, cost effective and user friendly as possible.
"Genetic Gains is our chosen SIL Bureau, the team at Genetic Gains provides knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable services for us at Kelso Genetics. They give us confidence that our data will be handled correctly and will be processed in a timely manner. Genetic Gains are committed to ensuring the information we provide is reported in a way that is accurate and relevant for our breeding objective."
- Olivia Ellis, Kelso Genetics

Work with us to collect the information that will enable you to identify your animals with the most productive genes.

AI farm — Genetic Gains in Wanaka, New Zealand