Artificial Insemination (AI)

AI makes it possible to use sires breeders would not otherwise have access to such as rams that are not for sale, rams that are injured or dead, or rams from another country through the use of imported straws. It enables linkages or connectedness with other flocks so that the genetic performance of animals from one flock can be legitimately compared with animals from another. It can be an economic way of accessing top genetics without having to purchase rams.

AI d ewes — Genetic Gains in Wanaka, New Zealand

Genetic Gains provides intrauterine AI (laparoscopic AI) in the Southland – Canterbury areas of NZ

"I would highly recommend the use of AI in our Sheep Industry in order to access top genetics from both here and overseas and maximise the gains that can be made within your own flock. I have used AI at least six times and have also used Embryo Transplant twice. I would highly recommend Julia and her Genetic Gains team for these procedures. Their programme timetable was clearly laid out and easy to follow. We have had good success rates over the years in both our TEFRom and Suftex studs."
- Russell Welsh, Twin Farm Southland

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AI farm — Genetic Gains in Wanaka, New Zealand