Embryo Transfer (ET)

Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET)

While users of AI benefit from the improved genetics that sires can offer, MOET allows genetically elite ewes to produce more lambs than they can through natural mating.

The number of lambs that one ewe can produce from one session of MOET ranges from 1 to 12 or more depending on the breed.

How is it done?

Traditionally, the hold rate of embryos collected and implanted fresh on the same day has been around 85%.

Implantation of Frozen/Thawed Embryos

Although attention to detail is still essential, the thawing and implantation of frozen/thawed embryos is a simpler process.

It is always a privilege to do AI, MOET and implantation of frozen/thawed embryos for breeders. It is exciting to be closely involved in accelerating the genetic performance of their stud flocks, to discuss breeding programmes and to see the results that dedication to their sheep brings.

""We have used the Genetic Gains team to conduct both AI and ET programmes over the last 3 years. We are always provided with a clear timetable for managing recipient ewes prior to being inseminated or implanted which makes our job simple. Our results have been consistently satisfying. Julia's depth of knowledge on the industry along with her dedication towards achieving the best results for her clients has added great value to our business."
- Grant Kean, Enfield Genetics Shedding Sheep

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