Ram Semen Sales and Marketing

Genetic Gains Ltd. has a long history of working with reputable sheep breeders. We produce a ram semen catalogue featuring genetically superior sires for NZ breeders which is posted on our website at the end of January/early February each year.

Inclusion of a ram in our annual catalogue is an endorsement of the quality genetics in the breeder’s stud flock. Advertising in the catalogue is a free service. Breeders benefit from the advertising, the recognition of having bred or purchased an elite sire, and revenue from semen sales. A marketing commission per straw sold applies.

Rams which have proven their genetic merit through Sheep Improvement Ltd.’s (SIL) sophisticated genetic analyses, rams from breeds new to NZ or rams which provide an opportunity for others to “connect” to SIL recorded flocks are in the catalogue. This ensures the genes offered are from among the most productive rams in NZ.

Photos of most of the donor rams are on their page in the catalogue.

Offset the cost of collecting straws through semen sales?

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