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Frozen semen is the very best possible insurance for your top rams. If they die, you still have their genes. Collecting straws also means you can store genes against any possible future disaster such as a disease outbreak, loss of a family line or even a breed. It allows elite sires to be used over hundreds of ewes within a season, and over a wide international market through exports. Straws stored correctly in sufficient levels of liquid nitrogen can last indefinitely.

The Genetic Gains’ Woodlands AB Centre was established in 1992, and is registered for export (Registration No.NZS23). Our import and export services make it possible for rams to be used over a wide geographic area in the same season!

We are experienced operators with very stringent semen quality standards, conscientious monitoring of animal health and thorough record keeping.

As we are located in the south of the South Island of New Zealand the sheep breeding season is relatively short. We operate between January and April when ram semen quality is at its best.


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